Organizations are always looking for ways to improve their performance and gain competitive advantage. One way to do this is through optimizing the value of their workforce. HR leaders must rise to this challenge—and be more evidence-based and outcome-driven in their pursuit.

Both of the companies that Jonathan leads focus on People Analytics and HR Strategy:

  • Ochre Rock is a personal services company for contracting Jonathan personally

  • Insight222 Limited is a networking, learning and consulting company with over 50 multinational clients, a training academy and over 10 employees

These companies help HR leaders build analytical skills, methods and technologies that make their workforce more productive. By transforming their role, HR leaders contribute more directly to business goals and make their organization more competitive.



To give HR leaders analytical acumen so they can improve business performance through the power of people.


Company details

Ochre Rock Ltd is incorporated in England & Wales.  It is 100% owned by Jonathan Ferrar, Founder and CEO.

Company Registration Number: 10568333

VAT Registration Number: GB270435909



"I love photography, in particular landscape photography. The landscape is filled with rocks. Rocks represents the foundation of everything upon which the world is built. In business, one needs strong foundations -- and people are the foundations upon which everything else evolves. 

Ochre is a colour of many shades and tones: yellows, oranges, reds and browns. Ochre signifies the diversity that is so important in business.

Ochre Rock is a metaphor for the diversity of people that are the foundation of business."

Jonathan Ferrar