Jonathan loves a challenge and when given one dives in deeply to ensure he delivers on all aspects. Given his passionate focus, innate intelligence and great ability to learn, he is able to do this deep dive and synthesize in to useful working knowledge and action very quickly with ideas and decisions based on a combination of facts and experiential insight.

I HIGHLY recommend Jonathan for any role or project that requires a passionate and engaged leader able to bring the best of all around him to the table. He will deliver more than you ask for and expect, and will always be there to share challenges and victories. I would work with him again anytime, anywhere.


Neil Newman, Executive Search

I have known Jonathan for over 17 years, initially as a client, subsequently as an HR executive within my client, and ultimately as a friend.

It is a reflection on his drive, tenacity, focus and intellect that during those years his career has progressed from a recruitment leader at IBM to a world-renowned specialist in HR Analytics. He is a passionate and persuasive public speaker whose deep understanding of HR Strategy and People Analytics now shapes the views and opinions of HR professionals around the world and in turn, the HR strategies of many major corporations.

Jonathan is now a published author and independent consultant. Lucky are those who engage with him!


(more can be found on LinkedIn)